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Michelle is a brilliant nutritionist and herbalist. As a chiropractor, I have countless internationally renowned supplement companies to choose from. And more often than not, I recommend Michelle’s tinctures and herbal teas over products from those large corporations. I am personally using her products and am taking her nutrition advice. Her CUSTOM MADE products work! My chronically ill patients, along with myself, are getting amazing results. If you’re ready to get your health back on track, I highly recommend a consultation with Michelle…
Dr. Jennifer Knuckles

Well Within Chiropractic and Wellness

Obsessed with the Anti-Anxiety Tincture! It has helped me through times of high stress and anxiety…i cannot live without it! The sunscreen is the most moisturizing sunscreen i have EVER used and works! I was at the lake ALL DAY and no sunburn! Thank you for your top quality products! Forever a customer of Knight Holistic!
Rachelle Ugalde

CEO , Media Marketing Pros

Michelle’s tinctures are absolutely amazing! I’ve had fantastic results with her lean green tincture that literally ate up belly fat without exercising more than I did before! Her anxiety tincture makes a huge difference as well, I’d recommend them to anyone.
Leigh Ann Davis

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The Anti-Anxiety Plus blend is the Anti-Anxiety Blend PLUS the Mood Booster Blend combined with half of each tincture in one bottle. The herbs contained in this blend may help promote feelings of calm and well-being*. This is one of my most popular blends.

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