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Featured Tincture!

The Anti-Anxiety Plus blend is the Anti-Anxiety Blend PLUS the Mood Booster Blend combined with half of each tincture in one bottle. The herbs contained in this blend may help promote feelings of calm and well-being*. This is one of my most popular blends. 

Welcome to Wellness

Knight Holistic Health Practices (ie, The Crafty Herbalist) was begun as a result of my journey into the world of “Wellness”.  It was something I deeply desired, but something my family and I desperately lacked. My journey took years of trial and error, and hundreds of physical hours earning certifications in Herbalism and Nutrition.  I was determined to help others find a sense of ownership in their future health and wellness.  

Believe it or not, Herbalism and a Holistic approach to wellness were not approaches that I always believed in.  In fact, it was quite the contrary.  I would scoff at those who refused to utilize “modern medicine” and truly believed that they were all, sadly, lost in old-fashioned wives tales and mysticism.  Unfortunately, it would take a series of personal health scares, and eventually my oldest son’s frightening and life-changing complete thyroidectomy at age 22 that would push me fully into finding natural solutions to some of our health concerns.  Initially, I only utilized changes in our eating and exercise habits, which did have a tremendous impact on our well-being.  However, as my journey progressed, I began to seek out herbal remedies that might work as well for me as some of the pharmaceutical prescriptions that I had been taking.  Over the years, I have personally developed a line of tinctures in response to different health and wellness concerns of family, friends and clients.  My line continues to expand and develop as the needs of my growing client base expands and develops.

As our knowledge of the power of plants grew, so did our desire to substitute all things chemical with all things natural. We found that many of our daily needs, including things that may seem fun or frilly, were severely limited or just did not quite fill all of the needs that we were looking for. We decided to remedy that!
We take great pride in making Nature feel luxurious, and fun, and frilly, all the while remaining true to our roots in Herbalism by making them functional and beneficial as well.
Please browse our store.  If there is a product that you may need but do not see, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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To Your Good Health,

Michelle Knight

Michelle’s tinctures are AMAZING. I’ve used several for detoxification of my gut and liver. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is her blend for anxiety. I can’t live without it. Thanks to this tincture I no longer require prescription meds for anxiety. I call it my LIQUID HEAVEN… not only has Michelle helped me, she’s also help many of my friends. Thank you for you knowledge of herbalism and wonderful tinctures.
Helen Patterson

LMT, Petrissage Massage

Michelle is a fantastic herbalist! I have had brain fog for awhile, but thought it was allergies all this time. I had a consult with Michelle and started her heavy metal tincture (and a few others). It worked so well for me, and I’m very happy to say my brain fog has cleared! Thank you Michelle!! You are definitely a Master Herbalist!!
Monica Jaynes

Board Certified Naturopathic Dr, Co-Owner, Living Springs Natural Health

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